Not Alone ...

Not Alone was released in the very early hours of this morning, as part of a series of songs planned to cover the remainder of 2020.
This song delves into the dynamics of dysfunctional relationships that suddenly involve a child - and the difficulties of breaking free, even with support.
Nik wrote from his own experience trying to help several women in situations of domestic abuse. He says:  "They all stayed with their abuser a lot longer than was healthy. It’s a complex dynamic and hard to understand but one thing I always tried to stress was I or someone would always be available if they wanted to leave."
Not Alone is available on all the usual platforms or tune in to The Casey Beat on Saturday night between 8:00 and 10:00pm (Australia daylight savings time) to hear it played on the radio!  
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Careless Butterflies on 3SER!

Careless Butterflies was played on The Casey Beat last night!  
As wonderful as that was, it was the David Totton's warm congratulations for Nik's recent Australian Songwriting Competition shortlist success that caused the most excitement!
If you missed the show you can hear the song via Nik's artist channel, which is linked at the top of the blog.  (There are currently eight tracks available).

Singing Nik's (shortlisted) praises!

Earlier this year Nik joined the Australian Songwriting Association.  In April he entered two songs into their 40th annual Australian Songwriting Competition.  (This is the first year it has been open for international as well as national entries). 
He just received a very exciting phone call, advising "Breathe, Miss Sunshine" is shortlisted in one category - and "Burn" has made it to the Australian shortlist. These lists represent the top 60 songs for each category. The top 30 songs for each category will be chosen in November, with final judging to occur at some later stage.What a week of amazing excitement!  Stay tuned!

Upbeat about The Casey Beat!

Breathe, Miss Sunshine was played on The Casey Beat tonight! 
It's been a huge week on many levels and this airplay was the icing on the cake - so excited!
Even better, the producer has sent a message to advise another of my songs is loaded for next week!
Special appreciation to Nammo for permission to use this cover shot.  Have a look at her wonderful work on Flickr!

Wind in the Trees

2 September 2020 was the 75th anniversary of the ending of WWII. 
The war ended but the traumas continued. 
Wind in the Trees is a short song about surviving a major world conflict.

Write Away article ...

My release, “All We Need To Do Is Care,” is featured in the October issue of “Write Away” magazine (p. 54); and the Music for World Peace Records company is spotlighted on p. 59. 
Check out “Write Away” using this link!

All We Need To Do Is Care

My latest release “All We Need To Do Is Care” just went live and the song is available on Spotify , iTunes, Apple Music and all the regular platforms. I’ll post the Spotify link. Have a listen. 
If you like my music follow me or subscribe or whatever. I am planning more releases over the next couple of months. Enjoy!
All We Need To Do Is Care